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In Smyrna, 1913, Margi, a British informant, is beginning to feel her Turkish pursuers closing in on her dangerously. Her eleven-year-old daughter, Dido, with eyes so strange that people tease and yet at the same time fear, along with her brother, are put under the protection of Edward, a collaborator of the British Secret Service. He will soon come to realize her unique genius and will offer her all the means available in order to transform her into a valuable asset for his country, while at the same time attempt to hide his growing feelings for his young protégée.

The day of burning and destruction of Smyrna will leave an indelible mark on Dido. She is forced to leave her beautiful city and flee as a refugee, taking her memories and wounds with her in her luggage in order to build a new life in Greece, a place suffering too from problems of its own.

A plate that cracked on their journey to their new homeland will remind everyone that everything that breaks can be mended again just as everything that is destroyed can be made anew.

An original novel filled with the sighs of Smyrna before its destruction, with the whispers of the secret services which followed their plans hidden in the streets and salons of the city, and of a love that can be born of two eyes of different color.