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Does your life fall apart every time you fail at something? Do you recall all the negative comments that others make about you over and over and over? Do you think that you always have to prove your personal worth? Do you take everything that happens to you personally? Perhaps the time has come for you to reboot and start from the beginning again! A restart that will help you become the best version of yourself!

Bestselling author Katerina Tsemberlidou presents 60+1 restorative ideas to strengthen her readers, give them courage and wisdom, help them redefine themselves, change the way they deal with life’s obstacles, change the way they view relationships and finally help them in their daily interactions. By following the advice provided by this book in the various aspects of our lives, its readers will succeed in making a restart and the changes they dream of will come true! By changing ourselves, our lives will consequently change and thus we will become happier...

A book that motivates us to make the changes that are best for us so that in turn we will become the best version of ourselves! Because we are worth it!