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  • $20.00

    Wooden Thin A5 Size Icons

    Saint: Christ Available in other saints, enquire within.  Matte Finish.

  • $45.00

    Medium Size Wooden Icon

    Medium wooden icons, imported directly from Greece. Available in other Saints, please enquire within.

  • $25.00

    Small Wooden Icon

    Small wooden icons Imported from Greece  Available in other Saint, enquire within. 

  • from $85.00

    Mount Athos Icons (Exclusive)

    1/1 of each saint.  Unique designs and finishes.  Available in other saints.   

    from $85.00
  • from $50.00

    Assorted Silver/Gold Plated Metal Icons

    Saint: Saint Dimitrios and Jesus  Available in other saints. 

    from $50.00
  • $35.00